Glendale Automotive - Car still messed up and out hundreds

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I brought my car to Fred at Glendale because of the positive reviews I found online.He failed to fix my car, couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, and refused to return my money.

I originally took my car to another shop, had diagnostics performed, and received an estimate based on a bad mass airflow sensor. The estimate struck me as being high, so I called around and sure enough, Fred said he could replace it for less money. What Fred didn't tell me was that he wasn't going to make ANY efforts to confirm the first shop's diagnosis. He didn't even bother asking who did the diagnosis until it was clear that it was wrong.

Fred also waited until after it was clear he didn't fix my car to let me know that a mass airflow sensor appearing to have gone bad can signify a VARIETY of problems. Some professional. In his defense, when my car was displaying the exact symptoms after it was "fixed" and I took it back, he did make some efforts to make sure the part he put in wasn't bad. He also FINALLY performed some diagnostic tests!!!

Unfortunately, not only did he not fix my car and keep my money, but he also couldn't tell me what was wrong.

Maybe I just got unlucky and the positive reviews on here are a more accurate barometer for this shop, but all I know is that I'm out several hundred dollars and my car is still messed up.I'd advise you to go elsewhere.

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